CRUZBER continues its international expansion and lands in North America with the CRUZ brand

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CRUZBER continues its strategy of developing new markets and lands in the United States and Canada with its main product brand CRUZ.

Early 2023, the company signed a distribution agreement with RACK ATTACK for the North American market. RACK ATTACK is North America’s premier retailer of vehicle rack solutions, with 47 physical stores throughout the United States and Canada.

Over time, RACK ATTACK will add different CRUZ products for passenger cars and commercial vehicles to its portfolio. Currently, CRUZ is present in more than forty markets worldwide and is recognized for its product quality. CRUZ’s product range highlights different rack solutions, cargo boxes, bike carriers, and winter sport carriers both for commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

Juan Ortiz, product and brand director at CRUZBER: “North America is a strategic market for the CRUZ brand and RACK ATTACK is the best possible partner we could have. RACK ATTACK’s team, their stores, and the customer experience are simply fantastic. In addition, we both feel that CRUZ products are the perfect complement to their portfolio and we truly believe in a long-term win-win relationship for the North American market. We are, of course, aware of the challenges of entering a new market like North America, but we have worked very hard over the last year knowing that we still have a lot of work to do. We have to fully adapt to a very demanding market and develop new products that fit the needs of customers and the NA vehicle market, which is very different from the European market.”

“We think the CRUZ brand and products are a good complement for our customers in-store and online. We have confidence in building an exciting win-win partnership in the commercial vehicle and passenger car categories for the North American market. Our RACK ATTACK stores carry a smaller selection of CRUZ products already and we are working together to develop the brand in the United States and Canada.” Alexander Welbers, CEO at RACK ATTACK.

Gregorio Cruz, CEO at CRUZBER, pointed out: “This is a unique opportunity for both companies, and I am convinced that what we started a year ago will provide an exceptional benefit to CRUZBER and RACK ATTACK, increasing the value of both companies.”

Different teams from CRUZBER and RACK ATTACK have been working to make the CRUZ brand available in both countries. In fact, although much work remains to be done, some CRUZ products have been available since Q4 2023.

Certainly, CRUZ’s landing in North America represents a milestone in achieving the organization’s ambitious plans to have a significant presence in all five continents.