CRUZ presents its brand new platform bike carrier for towbar, CRUZ Stema

Cruz Stema

CRUZ launches its first platform bike carrier for towbar, fully designed and manufactured in Spain. The brand new CRUZ Stema is a functional platform bike carrier that has mobile bicycle fitting columns for a better adjustment to the different frames and sizes of bicycles.

Ease of use has prevailed in its design and that is why the bicycle fitting columns fold to facilitate loading and unloading of bicycles and reduce the size of the product when storing it. The bicycles are fitted by textile straps with protection so as not to damage components such as the bicycle frame or rims.

The CRUZ Stema bike carrier can be tilted manually to facilitate the access to the boot even when the bicycles are being transported and has an innovative non-use position in which the bicycle carrier can be folded, thus reducing the space in the rear of the vehicle. This makes it easier to maneuver and park the vehicle with the bike rack installed.

CRUZ Stema has a fitting system that is easy to attach to most towbars and its pilots have an attractive design with all the functionalities thanks to its 13-pins connector. Experience and ease of use are as important as safety, which is why the new CRUZ Stema towbar bike carrier has an optional, easy-to-assemble anti-theft system available that makes manipulation and theft of both the product and the transported bicycles difficult.

CRUZ Stema will be available for sale starting next April 23, 2024 and from a recommended retail price of 299.95 € (VAT included). It will be available in three models, for two, three and four bicycles, and has versions adapted to the needs and requirements of the different markets. In this first phase of the launch, the versions for Europe and the United Kingdom appear.

The new brand CRUZ Stema bike carrier represents a great commitment by the CRUZ brand to the design and manufacturing of these products in Spain, and it is the beginning, since the brand is working on more than ten other new products within the bike carrier category that will see light throughout 2024 and 2025.