Roberto Bou, of Cannondale Vas Arabay, won the Titan Desert Moroco

victoria roberto titan desert banner

The Titan Desert 2023 ended on Friday, May the 5th, one of the most important mountain bike races in the world that is characterized by its extreme conditions: 7,000 meters of accumulated positive elevation gain and temperatures of up to 42 degrees Celsius. Despite all these difficult and adverse conditions, Roberto Bou took the victory and finished on the highest step of the podium.

This has been one of the great goals for our sponsor, the Cannondale Vas Arabay team, which in recent years, although with very good work, was seconds behind the winners. On this occasion, as Bou declared, he removed “a thorn that had been stuck in his side for many years”.

This year the whole team had set its sights on the race and the only way to win was to work as a team. The men’s team consisted of Roberto Bou, Fran Herrero, Miguel Muñoz and Josep Termens. In the women’s category, Mónica Calderón was their bet.

They started the Titan with good sensations: Francisco Herrero won the first stage and the whole team remained in the top positions until the fifth stage. In this stage, Roberto and Fran were in the first positions of the general classification and after a joint work with Miguel, they managed to win the Titan Desert. In the general classification, Roberto was in first position, Fran in third position and Miguel in eighth position, Josep had to abandon and Monica finished in sixth position.

The Cannondale Vas Arabay pays its debt with one of the most demanding international competitions, demonstrating, once again, the importance of commitment, discipline, motivation, but above all, teamwork.

From CRUZ we would like to congratulate them for this victory that means so much to the team.

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